In order to ensure that the programmes or projects comply with the current guidelines of the standard, the following table provides the different stakeholders with the recent changes that have been made to the Cercarbono documents.

wdt_ID Document Version Date updated English version Spanish version
1 Cercarbono Report 2018-2021 08/04/2022
3 Official Statement No. 05: Analysis of governance, land tenure and legal representation of collectively owned territories in REDD+ projects 09/06/2022
4 Cercarbono's Protocol for Voluntary Carbon Certification 4.1 29/07/2022
5 Cercarbono's Guidelines to Estimate the Carbon Buffer in Climate Change Mitigation Initiatives in the Land Use Sector 1.2 25/08/2022
6 Cercarbono's Guidelines to Report Contributions from Climate Change Mitigation Initiatives to the Sustainable Development Goals 1.3 10/08/2022
7 Cercarbono's Tool to Demonstrate Additionality of Climate Change Mitigation Initiatives 2.0.1 09/09/2022
8 Cercarbono’s Guidelines for the Use of Protocol Versions and Templates 1.1 12/10/2022
9 Methodology M/UT-REDD+ for the Implementation of REDD+ Projects Consistent with National Reference Levels 1.3 19/10/2022
10 Official Statement No. 07: Public consultation on REDD+ projects 26/10/2022
11 Official Statement No. 09: Use of Methodologies Developed by Cercarbono by other Standards and Countries 14/07/2023