Cercarbono approves the use of CDM methodologies that are in line with its policy framework and principles.


REF: AM0019
Renewable energy projects replacing part of the electricity production of one single fossil fuel fired power plant that stands alone or supplies to a grid, excluding biomass projects.
- Download

REF: AM0026
Methodology for zero-emissions grid-connected electricity generation from renewable sources in Chile or in countries with merit order based dispatch grid. – Download

REF: AM0048
New cogeneration project activities supplying electricity and heat to multiple costumers. – Download

REF: AM0049
Methodology for gas based energy generation in an industrial facility.  – Download

REF: AM0052
Increased electricity generation from existing hydropower stations through Decision Support System optimization.  – Download

REF: AM0061
Methodology for rehabilitation and/or energy efficiency improvement in existing power plants. – Download

REF: AM0062
Energy efficiency improvements of a power plant through retrofitting turbines.  – Download

REF: AM0076
Implementation of fossil fuel trigeneration systems in existing industrial facilities. – Download

REF: AM0084
Installation of cogeneration system supplying electricity and chilled water to new and existing consumers.  – Download

REF: AM0100
Integrated Solar Combined Cycle (ISCC) projects.  – Download

REF: AM0107
New natural gas based cogeneration plant.  – Download

Grid connected renewable electricity generation.  – Download

Switch from non-renewable biomass for thermal applications by the user.  – Download

Renewable electricity generation for captive use and mini-grid.  – Download

Supply side energy efficiency improvements – generation.  – Downloadr

Energy efficiency and fuel switching measures for industrial facilities.  – Download

Energy efficiency measures through centralization of utility provisions of an industrial facility.  – Download

Conversion from single cycle to combined cycle power generation.  – Download

REF: ACM0002
Grid-connected electricity generation from renewable sources.  – Download

REF: ACM0007
Conversion from single cycle to combined cycle power generation.  – Download

REF: ACM0012
Waste energy recovery.  – Download

REF: ACM0013
Construction and operation of new grid connected fossil fuel fired power plants using a less GHG intensive technology.  – Download

REF: ACM0018
Electricity generation from biomass residues in power-only plants.  – Download


REF: AM0007
Analysis of the least-cost fuel option for seasonally-operating biomass cogeneration plants.  – Download

REF: AM0036
Fuel switch from fossil fuels to biomass residues in heat generation equipment.  – Download

REF: ACM0003
Partial substitution of fossil fuels in cement or quicklime manufacture.  – Download

REF: ACM0005
Increasing the blend in cement production.  – Download

REF: ACM0009
Fuel switching from coal or petroleum fuel to natural gas.  – Download

REF: ACM0012
Waste energy recovery.  – Download

REF: ACM0015
Emission reductions from raw material switch in clinker production.  – Download


REF: AM0031
Bus rapid transit projects.  – Download

REF: AM0101
High speed passenger rail systems. – Download

REF: AM0110
Modal shift in transportation of liquid fuels.  – Download

Emission reductions by electric and hybrid vehicles.  – Download


REF: AM0009
Recovery and utilization of gas from oil fields that would otherwise be flared or vented.  – Download

REF: AM0023
Leak detection and repair in gas production, processing, transmission, storage and distribution systems and in refinery facilities. – Download


REF: AM0073
GHG emission reductions through multi-site manure collection and treatment in a central plant.  – Download

REF: AM0080
Mitigation of greenhouse gases emissions with treatment of wastewater in aerobic wastewater treatment plants.  – Download

REF: AM0083
Avoidance of landfill gas emissions by in-situ aeration of landfills.  – Download

REF: AM0093
Avoidance of landfill gas emissions by passive aeration of landfills.  – Download

REF: ACM0001
Flaring or use of landfill gas.  – Download

REF: ACM0010
GHG emission reductions from manure management systems.  – Download

REF: ACM0022
Alternative waste treatment processes.  – Download

Landfill methane recovery.  – Download


REF: AR-AM0014
Afforestation and reforestation of degraded mangrove habitats.  – Download

Simplified baseline and monitoring methodology for small scale CDM afforestation and reforestation project activities implemented on wetlands.  – Download

Afforestation and reforestation project activities implemented on lands other than wetlands.  – Download

Afforestation and reforestation of lands except wetlands.  – Download

If a CCMP requires for its development and implementation a methodology different from the ones described here, the holder may fill in the form Application for Approval of New Methodology or from Another Standard or Certification Programme and send it to with subject “Application for Approval of Methodology”.